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Why Use Prestige?

bins_greenCleaning trash bins is a smelly, messy job! That muck, that gunk, that horrid funk!

  • Our self-contained, automated truck takes care of that problem. You don't have to haul out the hose, chemicals, or goggles to have a clean trash bin.  We can check one thing off your list, so you can enjoy your free time.
  • When we clean a can, we use specially-formulated degreasers and detergents, along with pressurized water which is heated to over 190 degrees.  This method allows us to eliminate harmful bacteria like salmonella, listeria, e coli, and many more. Additionally, a clean bin helps eliminate those pests that breed disease.
  • Our cleaning process is also eco-friendly! We can clean your smelly trash bins with ease while minimizing water usage. This saves everyone's water. Additionally, the waste by-product of each cleaning is collected and disposed of properly, ensuring none gets into your local storm water system.

A clean trash bin contributes and promotes the cleanliness of your community.